Respect All, Fear None



Currently the Wiz Kids AAU program has developed and expanded impressively. The program now features seven AAU teams: 6th Grade/12 and under, 7th Grade/13 and under, 8th Grade/14 and under, 9th Grade/15 and under, 10th Grade/16 and under 11th Grade/ 17 and under, and a High School/College division team.
For the past two years the program has been able to accomplish a phenomenal goal: 100% of our student - athletes from the past two graduating classes were able to achieve entry into college with 16 out of 24 of them on scholarship. As the program continues to develop the focus has begun to shift back to helping guide the younger generations to navigate
them into prominent high schools and eventually into prestigious universities.  Accomplishing this will allow the program to reach our fundamental goal, which is to
improve the quality of life for people in the community by increasing education of youth, assisting the youth in achieving a secondary education, and lowering the crime rate in the
Targeted Goals
A. Athletes must participate in physical activities such as team sports and calisthenics that will promote a healthy lifestyle, discipline, and a positive work ethic.
B. Increase academic achievement amongst athlete’s by 40% (measureable by report card data).
C. Maintain 95% attendance for practice and Saturday Program amongst athlete’s that participate in our AAU Program.
D. 100% graduation rate from middle school and high school
E. 100% acceptance and entry into college
F. Maintain five AAU Traveling Teams
G. Increase students’ sense of self through workshops and trainings.
Additional Program Components
In addition to our AAU program, we also have the “Wiz Kids” Saturday basketball program, which has evolved into the “Wiz Kids Books B4 Ball Program”.  It now operates out of Mosholu
Montefiore Seton Falls Beacon and consists of the following:
  • Instructional Basketball Program
  • Intramural Basketball Tournament
  • Educational Information Sessions
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Sports Camps
  • Afterschool Tutoring
  • Mentoring Program
  • Peer Volunteer Program
Through the use of basketball, program participants are taught the importance of goal setting, focus, and drive. They receive positive reinforcement and encouragement from their peers and staff. The program emphasizes that athleticism is not the only important skill. Emphasis is placed on how each child works within a team and as an individual in accomplishing goals.
 We featured 486 participants this past year divided amongst three sessions.
Program’s History
During a youth spent growing up fast on the playgrounds of New York City, Clarence Leggett quickly developed an appreciation for the benefits provided to him through a combination of academics and practiced skills on the basketball court. A key component of both: dedication
and hard work. In 1990, following a successful collegiate career and time spent traveling the world with the Harlem Globetrotters and the Harlem Wizards; Clarence, “Mugsy” as he’s better known in the community as, began to act on his desires to make a positive impact on the children of New York City. He wanted to give back and help children that were growing up in low-income areas accomplish their goals and dreams just like he was able to.  Mugsy knew the importance of developing basic basketball skills and that it was of vital importance to build self-esteem among the young people he saw each day in school and at the playgrounds. He started a basketball recreation program in the Bronx with only volunteers and his family members. Local boys and girls quickly embraced the program and the “Wiz Kids” basketball program began expanding to various gymnasiums and outside courts throughout the Bronx.  In 2001, the program settled in the Northeast part of the Bronx. The Books B4 Ball Organization/Wiz kids Basketball Program has grown to serve over 550 children annually aged 5-18 primarily from the Metro New York area. In the years that have followed over 1300 children have passed through the Wiz Kids program and most have gone on to post secondary institutions.
The fundamental goal of the program is to improve the quality of life for people in the community by increasing education of the youth, assisting the youth in achieving a secondary education and lowering the crime rate in the community.  The objectives of the program are to provide an atmosphere with excellent coaching, high levels of competition for local Middle School and High School student-athletes looking to improve their skills, while emphasizing the importance of education. Ultimately, helping or providing an opportunity for our players who desire to compete on a college level to do just that. In addition to the dedicated training, our basketball program has an environment that continues to promote individual confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills.
With over 30 years in sports, split between actual participation and coaching, we know how much sports can have a positive effect on ones life. As head coaches, we are and have always been dedicated to developing advanced basketball skills as well as strong moral character in every student athlete.  Our motto is
       “Respect All,
                     Fear None.”